Leaning Towards Multipurpose Beauty Products

Posted by Philicia Penney on

Let's cut straight to the chase. We are busy bodies that need our products to keep up with us. End of story. 

I personally avoid products with too much of what I don't need, such as eyeshadow palettes with multiple of the same shade. I also greatly appreciate products I can do a bunch of things with, such as highlighting powders and a pink cream stick. those two I know will never do me wrong.

You also can't go wrong with a red lipstick, as you can use it both on your lips and as a rouge. For this Canadian beauty brand, red lips are an essential look for lunches, time crunches, fun days, and romantic dates.

Less products means less waste and less space used. If you're like me, you want to go straight for what you need without anything in the way. That goes for life in general. If you are a go-getter and have a jam-packed schedule, having an easy-peasy makeup routine frees up extra time. You know, time you need to make your coffee or smoothie and pick your favourite tunes for the ride to work.  

The minimalistic approach for makeup works wonders on the face, too. As you're already using the right skincare products to keep your skin in good health, you won't need as much pigment to work with. Now, of course you will want to go all-out and do full glam looks sometimes. We're here for that, too! However, on a daily basis, you will want a makeup routine that is as efficient as beautiful as you are. A little product can go a very long way! 

Philicia Alice as a brand is dedicated to finding the best organic, vegan beauty products that not only keep your skin in great condition but also enhance your natural features. There's no B.S. involved in your skincare and makeup routine when you buy from our online store.

Let us know what you want to see in the future! Our ears and minds are open.