It Used to Be About the Bigger Picture

Posted by Philicia Penney on

As I sit down in my hotel room, I'm wondering about the next big step. If you're a planner, you know steps lead to goals. BIG ones! Every day, it's *ping*! New idea - one that I never know what to do with. Trust me, each one derails me and makes me wonder if it's a piece of this big puzzle called "your own company".

Stay focused, they say. Plan every step of the way, they teach. Then there's what you call spontaneity and, well... random and unexpected shit that happens. You can never really plan your whole life, just make the best of it with a little preemptive tweaking. 

Just like this blog. It's so simple and yet I completely overlooked it until now. So now I'm thinking, maybe there should be a 50/50 balance between planning and letting things play out. Which reminds me, I need to stop putting stickers in my agenda on dates where I don't actually have anything planned. August 29th? Great space on paper for an emoji - Not so much if I end up having an appointment on that day. 

See? We never know what the f**k to expect. We know what we want, we might even know how to get there, but what we don't know is exactly what's going to happen. Take the pandemic, for example. Who ever figured that this time last year, we'd all be in this mess? Brides had their dream weddings planned and their venue booked. Maybe even lost weight for the occasion! Yet here we are... post-quarantine not having seen the sun for a fortnight, and an UberEats bill a mile long. Life is just systematic chaos and tomfoolery. 

When it comes to being a sole proprietor, that is exactly how it feels! Having an undiagnosed attention deficit, my golly... Ideas to me are like squirrels to gold. And you know what? I'm not even worried. It makes me unafraid of people later stealing those ideas for their own benefit, because by the time they develop a product with my design in mind, I've already moved onto the next one! Catch me if you can, because my mind goes a million miles a minute!

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