The Designer

Philicia Alice | Designer. Consultant. Investor.
There's nothing like a creative mind that has also worked on the front lines. Philicia studied both Political Science and Fashion Design before launching her own brand. The second name in the brand, "Alice", is derived from her middle name Allison. The brand's majestic details are inspired by her ancestor, Sheila NaGeira, an Irish Princess who was captured by Peter Easton's English pirate crew in the 17th century. Sheila later fell in love with Gilbert Pike, Easton's fellow sailor, and later married him. From there, it birthed the legendary collaboration of royalty and piracy.
Born in Atlantic Canada, and raised all over the country, Philicia is clever, adaptive, and charismatic. Before starting her career in fashion design, she worked in the private security industry for 6 years in the healthcare division. There is barely anything she hasn't seen or dealt with before, in terms of hospital security. She is well versed in psychology and mental health, and can easily talk to anyone regardless of their background. 
She's received a number of awards and recognition for her work in this field, including Performance of the Month. Part of her made sure she could keep her alternative style while in the workforce. That type of journey became an art form. Her work experience inspired her to open the alternative style school, ALTstyle, where she launched a course called the "Big Bold Dress Code". This course teaches any working person, both employed and self-employed, how to dress using their alternative style and still look professional.
Today, she's the owner and Creative Director of her own brand. Philicia Alice provides a collection of high quality items made for living a busy and stylish life, with just a touch of edge. She actively searches for new ways to cater to various kinds of people from different cultures, with different genders and orientations. Fashion should be for everyone!
Welcome to the House of Philicia Alice!